Those who cannot get married

What is the punishment for those who do not/are not able to get married?

There is no punishment as such for those who do not or are not able to get married. We can only make du’a for them. We are encouraged to get married, but if a person doesn't find a suitable husband or wife then it is better for him or her to not marry because we have to choose our spouses wisely. If one just marries because they feel they need to get married but when they can't find a suitable and appropriate match they just marry anyone, then they are likely to have a terrible marriage and they may end up ruining their own life. It is better for one who has not found a suitable husband or wife to be patient.

The Prophet (ﷺ) prescribed fasting for those who cannot get married or are unable to get married because fasting helps one to control those natural desires which are fulfilled legally through marriage. It is the duty of the Muslim community to help those who are not married to get married. It is not considered good character to be hunting around for wives like going up to women and asking them upfront. The better and appropriate way is to inform people who can help so they help him or her find a suitable person. There is no punishment for those who are not yet married but instead we should pray for them that Allah helps them find suitable spouse.

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