Are Jihad and Terrorism the same?

Do you think that jihad and terrorism are the same?

Of course they are not the same. Terrorism itself has its own complexities. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. The definition of ‘terrorism’ set by certain governments includes the American Revolution, French revolution and the entire major revolts which ended up establishing democracy in other countries. So the whole issue of terrorism is quite relative.

Jihad is something else. People who are involved in acts of terrorism may justify it as jihad but this doesn’t make it jihad in and of itself. Jihad is a struggle either in an individual, within his family, his community or a state struggling against the evil of another state.

In Islam, Jihad is one's acts of worship with conditions and etiquettes. Jihad can take place in the battle field as a reason to remove borders and barriers that stop people from understanding the message of Islam; in this case the disbelievers can make their choice without being forced. Jihad can also be when fighting to take back the rights of Muslims. The Islamic system of Jihad is very noble wherein Muslims are not allowed to kill children, women and old people, as well as cut trees or damage public facilities.

Jihad can also mean all kind of efforts, struggles, and good deeds. It may involve arms, or even writing and speaking. It is therefore unfair and wrong to mix these two terms together.

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