Allah’s Attributes and the Salaf

According to the understanding of the salaf, do we have to accept Allah’s attributes along with their obvious meanings? For example, we say Allah has two hands but we also keep in mind that He is not like His creation in any way and we don’t go into the ‘hows’.

When the Sahabah discussed these controversial attributes (if they did at all), was their take on it similar (if so please can you provide evidence), or if there was mere silence on the issue why are we taking the names as they are?

If the second is the case then why are Mufawiddah wrong if the Sahabah didn’t say anything about the attributes and were silent on them because they still confirm the attributes without the meaning?

The position of the Salaf was to take the obvious meanings of the attributes of Allah without delving into the descriptions of those obvious meanings (the hows). This was not an issue during the time of the Sahabah because the deviance in the Ummah regarding the attributes of Allah did not occur till Greek philosophy was translated into Arabic and introduced to the Ummah. There are many ways in which we can prove that this was the position of the Salaf regarding the attributes of Allah. Please refer to:

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