Acquiring Level of Knowledge about Islam

My family is very religious, practicing Muslims. However, there are a lot a customs and traditions attached. How much should I go into depths of Islam? Where should I stand as I am so confused about it?

There is not a specific level that can be said for each and every individual. This will vary depending upon the opportunities that Allah has put in your life. If Allah has given you opportunities which He has not given others, then you are responsible based on those opportunities. You have the opportunity to study up to PhD all the way in Islamic Studies and how many people have that opportunity? You have the responsibility to go all the way if Allah has given you the means. There is no such thing as: “You cannot know too much about Islam. You can go to the extremes”.  Meaning that you might neglect your other responsibilities but in Islam, you must have that balance in order to be moderate in all your dealings but “you cannot know too much about Islam” - There is no such thing.

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