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O,Woman of Substance.

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O, Woman of Substance,

How you shine,

Don’t you believe this thought of mine?


You have a light in You,

And, its time you got your due.


I see it,

Radiating from your child’s melodious lilt

I see it ,

Shining through the relaxed lines that on your husband’s face  sit.

I see it ,

From the radiance that the eyes of your parents emit.


O Woman of Substance ,

I know how you burn to keep the fire in you going,

Because Allah swt (1) built you with a nature that is bestowing.


O Sister of mine,

I know how hard you push yourself, come rain or shine

Just so that world around you doesn’t fall apart

You keep stitching up your broken heart.

And when the winds of pain threaten to tear open the stitches

You simply ignore your heart that with pain twitches.


O Woman of Substance,

When  you are too tired to burn , gleam anyway,

When you are too fatigued to shine, sparkle anyway,

When you think you have nothing left to give, shimmer anyway.

You think, you can’t give anymore?

Don’t worry, Allahswt (1)  will from His bounty give you, so that you can give galore.


You think your heart cannot beat any more?

Don’t worry, Allahswt (1)  will with His light, your heart restore.


O Woman of Substance,

Keep going,

And remember, Allahswt (1)  is the All Knowing.


I know its not easy,

But then, life is not meant to be breezy

Keep the fire in you burning,

And to Allahswt (1), be always turning

Make His obedience Your fuel to blaze!

And to the zenith will He you, raise.

Allah  made Jannah for you,

So at the door of Jannah, join the Queue,

Where Fatimah small - radi-allahu-anhum leads the way,

To take you to your home in which forever you can stay.


O Woman of Substance,

There you can be with others like you,

Which includes KhadijahFEMALE Radi Allahu Anha, Maryam FEMALE Radi Allahu Anha and Asiya FEMALE Radi Allahu Anha to name a few.


They await your arrival.

To celebrate your effort at survival

In this world that some times ignores your work

Which you do with immense effort.


O Woman of Substance,

This is not the time to slow down

Rather, its time to race for the crown.

One which you earned with your sweat and tears

Of which you are a rightful heir.

Made by Allah swt with love and pride,

Wear it and in Paradise for eternity abide.


O Woman of Substance,

With my love and prayers, I am with You,

Hoping to be in Jannah with You.

— from a Sister of thine.

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8 Responses

  1. mizzy-789@hotmail.co.uk'

    Beautiful poem!!! Nice motivation for us sisters, we do have such a big responsibilty on our shoulders Alhamdulillah, we should find the blessings in all of these responsibilities to keep us going till Jannah…

  2. shahnazanas@gmail.com'

    Very beautiful and shining lines to brighten our souls… captured the essence of being a believing woman … Masha Allah .. may Allah bless you .

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