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Dangerous Aladdin and his Jinn

The Jinn of Aladdin is a dangerous baby sitter for your child because Aladdin and magic lamp appears to be an “Islamic” story. Every time the “Muslim” Aladdin needs help, instead of approaching AllahAllah Subhanahu-wa-Taala, he rubs the lamp. The story tells that the Jinn is swifter in responding and furnishes all the jobs given to him by his ‘Master’ Aladdin. The Qur’an tells us that this type of “mastery” of obedience by Jinn was given only to Prophet SulaimanAS, but the Muslim child has not studied his Qur’an well, so he thinks Jinn can be controlled, so when he grows up, he sees nothing wrong in the ‘tantriks’ who promise to get problems solved by controlling Jinn.

In my school days, in late seventies, one of my friends was into chewing up the entire school library. He was a bookworm. He read lots of fairy tales. Once, during summer vacation, we were strolling in the streets and spotted a shop selling scrap. My friend reached there and started to search for an old lamp. He said, “I hope I can find a magic lamp like Aladdin!”  In spite of praying five times and fasting regularly, the imaan of this boy had almost collapsed.  Another girl in my school was so overwhelmed with the story of Cinderella that every now and then, she used to fight with her mother and thought that her mother was like her step mother. Indeed, your are influenced by the books that you read.

Lewd Musicians and Singers: The Pied Pipers of Today

In my school book, I had a story: “The Pied Piper of Hamelin” written by Robert Browning. It was a fictitious story that happened in a German village, which was afflicted by rats. The mayor announced a huge reward for anyone who could get rid of the rats. A musician arrived from somewhere and played his pipe, the rats from all around the town followed him and he walked into the river, followed by the rats intoxicated by his tune.

Later when he approached the Mayor for a reward, he was refused and was mocked at. He took his revenge. Next evening, he played his flute again. This time, the little children of the town were mesmerized and they followed him. He entered the opening of a cave and the children followed him, and when the last child had entered, the door of the cave closed. The Pied piper took away hundreds of children from their parents leaving them in grief.

Today these Pied pipers are back in new forms. Like Pied Piper of Hamelin, these singers and musicians drive away our children from their innocent childhood and duties.

Beneath the melodious tunes and swaying in songs and dance, there is an invisible movement to stir up the sexual passions among kids. These kids are the richest consumers throughout the globe. The most powerful buyers come from this age group with an estimated $40 billion. The number one thing bought by kids is music albums. Hannah Montana and Britney Spears are household names in many Muslim families whose culture is colored by western brushes. What do these children get in return except that their iPods and blackberries are full of raunchy and sexy lyrics?

Like heavy drinkers, we have “Heavy listeners”, swaying, jumping, and twisting along with hip hops, rap or rock, each beautified with vulgar lyrics. Few decades back, there were “Youth Bands”, now they have “Teen Bands”

I was shocked to see a Muslim singer performing like a Jazz singer in an American Auditorium, but presenting a Nasheed, and young girls standing on their seats swaying and enjoying!  As long as songs and nasheed are good and goodness oriented, they are not objected by scholars.

A time will come when a man wakes up as a Muslim but in the evening, he will die in a state of kufr! Lewd songs and Music can lead your children to kufr too and we proudly buy plasma TVs to give them a chance to get spoiled!

There are many Muslim singers and musicians, including award winners in Oscars and Grammys, who sing and compose tunes for lyrics which have kufr related phrases. Imagine you find one of these songs good and you hum it many times and death meets you all of a sudden while you are humming it. In what state will your child die if he dies today?

The Superman, Batman, Spiderman….

Consider this: A batman jumping from hundredth floor and getting up unscratched, Superman flying in the sky faster than a plane, Tom and Jerry running over by a heavy roller and getting up unhurt, Mickey Mouse dressed up for a party and smelling excellent. Now compare them with a young healthy man who falls from the third floor and dies of injury, the fastest runner in the Olympics panting after 100 meters and that irritating dirty mouse squeaking in your bedroom. 

The products coming out from the minds of writers and directors are displayed as superior quality than what our Creator made. AllahAllah Subhanahu-wa-Taala cautions the Believers in verse 113 of Surah La-An’am, where He says, :

“The hearts of those who have no faith in the hereafter, are inclined towards (such stories) and let them delight (get entertained) from it and let them earn (haram)..”

The introspective question is: Do you have faith? Do you incline towards such decorated scripts? Well, the above verse says both the things are not possible to be together. If you have faith, you shouldn’t be inclined towards such stories nor get delighted by them or earn from them. Otherwise, your faith is in danger. Most of us who are fond of movies may fall in any of these three categories.

The message then reaches verse no. 116 where AllahAllah Subhanahu-wa-Taala declares “If you follow the common run of those on earth, they will lead you away from the way of Allah. THEY FOLLOW NOTHING BUT CONJECTURES, they do nothing but lie…”

So where do you want to be headed? The choice is yours.

Adapted from my upcoming book..  PARENTS RETIRE, PARENTS DOES NOT.

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