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Remember Me; I’ll Remember You.

Allah’s doors are wide open always welcoming us. We don’t have to knock or wait for His permission. All we need to do is turn to Him with utmost sincerity. All our desires rest with Allah, so seek Allah and experience the bliss of life!

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Beyond Ice Bucket…

If we see, in reality, “Ice Bucket Challenge” is nothing more than a reflection of societies’ slavery which is in the hands of a few artificially glamorized celebrities (Hollywood, Bollywood actors, Politicians, Sports persons, etc.). This clearly shows the influence certain people have on the masses even without meeting them in person, or giving them any money or perks. The way this cult started is something we all need to contemplate on. The media controls the world; the hearts and the minds of people.

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Is Love A Crime?

You seek steady love from people. Perfect loyalty. Love that does not diminish, does not die, does not change. In essence, you are looking for Allah’s love.

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