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Virtues of the Day of Arafaah

Virtues of the day of Arafaah and its importance are innumerable. Make the most out of this blessed day by reading what our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) had to say. With several Quranic texts, this article aims at highlighting the immense importance the Day of Arafaah holds in our lives.

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Shariah Law…When And How?

Shariah law is not a matter of emotion, passion and whims – it is a real and dear necessity that requires honest intentions. Beginning with the ones who demand for its establishment, where the masses respond to the hierarchy of rulers and where reform comes and dwells with ease and gradation.

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Virtues of the First Ten Days of Dhu’l-Hijjah

Did you know that the first ten days of Dhu’l-Hijjah are better than all other days of the year. In fact, they are even better than the last ten days of Ramadaan! So, how can you make the most of these blessed days this time around? Read this article to know more.

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