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The Modern Islamic Home: Aspects and Principles (Part I)

Our homes are a critical part of our life and the idiom “home is where the heart is” shows the great role it plays in our life yet more importantly we should be aiming to draw near to Allah so we should transform our homes so that remembering Allah is where our heart is, ultimately experiencing true peace and contentment.

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Your Final Abode – An Eternal Promise

Small deeds when done sincerely for the sake of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala give exponential rewards. Want to be blessed with infinite delights in Jannah? Read this poem to find out why and how one needs to strive for this eternal abode.

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Let’s Convey Through Writing But Begin With Reading

Writing is an ‘Art’ and not a ‘Science’. Therefore most of our English teachers don’t end up as writers even though their grammar is excellent. The reason for this is that they work on the science of writing and not on the art of writing. If you focus on writing as a science, then it will be difficult to penetrate the hearts of the readers. If you win the heart, then you have won the mind because a large number of decisions are taken on the basis of feelings and not on thinking.

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