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Halloween – Innocent Fun-Time, Spooky or Shirk?

The Halloween hoop-la is crazy and seems like it takes over everyone every year. But instead of going with the tide, we need to educate ourselves and especially our kids about it and tell them why we do not become a part of its festivities. It’s not a bad thing to be different. Our religion gives us fun-off times (Come on, you just celebrated two Eids!) and-that should be enough for us. Having fun is absolutely permissible but going to extremes to have it and on the way trampling our beliefs is not only revolting but also implies our extreme lack of faith and lack of pride in our religion.

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Phenomena of the Doomsday

The work of great scientists like Tollman, AH Bethe, Shapley and Harlow has proven, that the events of the Doomsday mentioned in Qur’an is nothing but the truth.

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The Modern Islamic Home: Aspects and Principles (Part I)

Our homes are a critical part of our life and the idiom “home is where the heart is” shows the great role it plays in our life yet more importantly we should be aiming to draw near to Allah so we should transform our homes so that remembering Allah is where our heart is, ultimately experiencing true peace and contentment.

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